» 2022 Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday Sale!

2022 Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday Sale!

By Eric Cressey on November 22, 2022 at 6:13 am

Like everyone else on the planet, I’m offering some great Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday sales. We’re going to start it a week early so you have time to sort through it! From now until midnight next Monday (11/28), you can get 25% off the following resources by using the coupon code BF2022 at checkout

These eight resources can be purchased through my secure website:

Stiff shoulder solution – My most recent product release goes into a ton of depth on some important topics regarding top end evaluation, programming, and training. Learn more here.

CSP innovation – Collaborative efforts of Cressey Sports Performance staff on various issues. Learn more here.

Specialization Success Guide – A great resource for those looking to gain strength in the big three (squat, bench press, deadlift). Learn more here.

The Ultimate Offseason Training Manual – This was the first book I wrote, and it has stood the test of time because of how much the writing was based on principles that will last forever. Learn more here.

Previous Core Understanding and Coaching – A presentation that will bring you up to speed on an important aspect of core training for health and high performance. Learn more here.

The truth about uneven surface training – This e-book covers a controversial topic in the world of training and rehabilitation today. Learn more here.

Everything is elbow – A quick presentation that highlights key aspects of elbow care Learn more here.

The Art of the Deload – A special report that helps you sort through the various methods of deloading in a training program. Learn more here.

And, these two resources that I co-created with Mike Reynolds can be purchased through his website:

Functional stability training (includes core, upper, lower and optimizing movement) – We cover everything from assessment to programming, coaching cues, rehabilitation and bridging the gap to high performance.

Optimal shoulder performance – This is a great “primer” on shoulder basics.

Remember, just log in BF2022 Get discounts.


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