» 2023 Cressey Sports Performance Collegiate Elite Baseball Development Program

2023 Cressey Sports Performance Collegiate Elite Baseball Development Program

By Eric Cressey on February 8, 2023 at 7:57 pm

Registration is now open for the 2023 Cressey Sports Performance Collegiate Elite Baseball Development Program. This event takes place at our Hudson, MA facility and runs from 6/5/23 to 8/11/23.

This will be the seventh year we’ve run the program, and each year, we’ve moved urns from around the country to Massachusetts. This summer, we anticipate another great collection of motivated athletes who will push each other to get better while having the same training opportunities and skills as our professional athletes.

This program is perfect for pitchers who need to prioritize development over just getting innings or exposure. In other words, it’s a perfect replacement for those who still need to throw, but need to gain 20 pounds, learn a new pitch, sort out old aches and pains, or improve their mobility. The average ten-week velocity increase for participants over the past four years ranged from 4.1 – 4.4mph.

Each athlete will begin with a thorough initial movement and pitching evaluation that will set the stage for individualized strength and conditioning and throwing programs, respectively. Speed ​​and strength tests are integrated into the assessment process and are tracked periodically throughout the summer to ensure progress is being consistently tracked.

Your personalized programs will match training six days a week. Generally, four of the six training days per week are double sessions, throwing in the morning and strength and conditioning in the afternoon.

A typical training week would be as follows:

  • Mon: AM Throwing, PM Strength and Conditioning
  • TUE: AM throwing, PM strength and conditioning
  • WED: Late AM throwing and movement training (on the field)
  • THU: AM throwing, PM strength and conditioning
  • FRI: AM throwing, PM strength and conditioning
  • SAT: Optional AM Mobility Work and Recovery Sessions, AM Throwing and Movement Training
  • Sun: Off

In our throwing programs, we integrate weighted ball work, long toss and bullpens (with video analysis). We’ll use detailed TrackMan breakdowns and high-speed camera work on these bullpens as well. Pitchers also have the opportunity to throw live to hitters, and we’ve historically kept a few arms in light of the progress they’ve made in the prestigious late summer Cape Cod Baseball League.

All athletes will receive manual therapy with our licensed massage therapist or physical therapist as well as nutritional guidance throughout the program. Also to help with recovery, athletes have access to MarcPro, Normatec and Red Light Therapy.

Last, but not least, we will incorporate regular educational components to educate athletes about the “why” behind training. Previously, this included not only staff presentations, but also conference calls and in-person meetings with Major League players and established coaches from around the country.

The best part is that it will take place in an inspiring environment where athletes can push each other to be the best. By optimizing the situation, you can help change the person.

Interested in learning more? email [email protected] – But don’t delay, because space is limited; This offer has sold out in each of our past years pre-pandemic summers, and we will again cap group sizes this time around.

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