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What is the best way to define your gym personality? Are you an exercise junkie who can’t go to the gym five days a week? Maybe you like taking group workout classes that challenge you with a little friendly competition. Perhaps you are the one who wants to build more muscle and live a healthier life.

No matter where you land in the gym’s personality spectrum, an AMRAP workout can be an exciting and effective new addition to your fitness repertoire.

If you think, “What is an AMRAP workout? “, You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will break down what an AMRAP workout is and explore the top 5 AMRAP workout benefits.

What is an AMRAP workout?

AMRAP is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) where you push yourself toward your limit by performing multiple times or rounds of an exercise over a period of time.1 In fact, AMRAP is an acronym that stands for Representative as much as possible.

During an AMRAP workout, you will not rest until your scheduled deadline. For example, your AMRAP workout is doing as much barping as possible in a one minute time frame, then resting for 30 seconds.

If you use this Burpee example and perform 1-minute rounds for 10 rounds, your AMRAP workout will look something like this:

  • Set your timer for 1 minute
  • Start your timer, and start burpees immediately
  • Continue barping until your timer is off
  • Take a 30-second rest
  • Set your timer and repeat 9 more times

You can also get creative with AMRAP workouts by stacking different exercises and setting different goals.2 For example, you can set your timer to 10 minutes and calculate how many rounds of the following workout routine you can get in that time:

  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 squats
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 sit-ups

Although the ten repetitions of each of these moves may not seem challenging on their own, when you repeat this circuit straight for 10 minutes, the repetitions will be added and your heart rate will increase.

The primary purpose of an AMRAP workout is to work as hard as possible within a short period of time. Rip as much as possible in a concentrated time frame, challenge yourself to tighten yourself up because you know you can rest soon.

Whether you are doing body weight exercises, strength training or even a home workout, the benefits of AMRAP exercises are great for any fitness ride and can be used anywhere.

A reminder that as these types of workouts tend to be more intense, it is important to warm up your body and muscles before you start. The benefits of warming up before a workout are important for your body, endurance and performance and should be done before any activity.

However, let’s take a look at the benefits of an AMRAP workout.

Top 5 Benefits of an AMRAP Workout

The benefits of AMRAP exercises are wide, reaping the rewards for both your body and mind. However, for the purpose of this guide, we have compressed our top five.

# 1 AMRAP workouts can help you burn more fat and build more muscle

One of the most notable AMRAP training benefits is that this HIIT workout can help you burn more fat and build more muscle. As cardio blast increases your heart rate, AMRAP workouts burn calories to reduce visceral body fat.3

Also, since you can include body weight training moves, such as push-ups, AMRAP workouts also help to strengthen and build your muscles.

# 2 AMRAP Workout can improve heart health

Keeping your heart healthy can help reduce your risk of heart disease in later life. During an AMRAP workout, you are constantly pushing yourself to the limit, forcing your heart to pump blood throughout your body.

It helps with flatulence and increases oxygen consumption – both helping to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system.3

# 3 AMRAP Workouts Can Improve Mental Health

Exercise has always been associated with physical health benefits, but it also works wonders for mental health. Since AMRAP workouts force you to focus on manual tasks, you are less likely to start thinking about potential stressors, such as:

  • Work
  • Work
  • Everyday worries

Also, achieving a physical goal (such as completing a certain number of delegates) can be emotionally rewarding. In fact, studies have shown that such workouts help reduce certain symptoms of depression and anxiety.4

# 4 AMRAP workouts can give you more leverage for your money

Not everyone has the time to workout in the gym for hours daily. However, with an AMRAP workout, it’s not about that Length Workout, rather:

  • Intensity of workout
  • Quality of workout

In other words, short AMRAP workouts challenge you to exercise more efficiently and provide the same physical benefits as an hour-long workout.

Since you choose how long you want to work, it can be like 10, 20 or 30 minutes – whatever works best with your schedule. In fact, you might as well push for a 15-minute workout during a 30-minute lunch break.

# 5 AMRAP Workout Suitable for any fitness level

Beginner, average, pro, or crazy, AMRAP workouts can be performed by people of any fitness level. If you don’t do an AMRAP workout with a friend, you’re only competing against yourself.

This means you can move at your own pace and progress when you feel ready.

If you work in a group setting, an AMRAP session can be a great way to create a little repetition competition so that as many repetitions and rounds as possible can be done and the benefits of group exercise can be reaped. Incorporating fun group workout ideas to engage everyone, like an AMRAP session, can inspire each participant to move forward individually and collectively.

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