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Winter can cool even the toughest fitness enthusiasts.

Winter activities

During the summer, working out can be as simple and fun as going to the park or going hiking or a long bike ride for some volleyball. Cold and wet weather removes many options and brings all the extra challenges of an epidemic this season.

So how do you stay motivated and fit through the long winter slog?

Here are five ways to stay active in the winter:

1. Stay out

Winter doesn’t mean the fun outside and the end of the game. Cold-weather sports can be the main calorie burners. Stop hibernating on your sofa and plan to go:

  • Ice skating.
  • Cross-country skiing.
  • Downhill skiing.
  • Hiking through the snow.

Just stay safe! Bundle up and make sure to stay dry. Warming up is also important when your muscles are literally cold.

2. Be social

Studies have shown that working with a friend is good for your health at any age. It helps to increase both accountability and intensity.

Take a zoom workout class together! See if old choices are gone online, or try something new from the privacy of your own home This is your chance to experiment with yoga / dance / kickboxing / HIIT / crossfit – whatever the craze for fitness has piqued your interest.

There are also fitness apps that allow you to check in with friends, share your struggles or achievements, and support each other as you work toward your goals.

3. Be competitive

Sometimes, runners or cyclists take extra push from a friend or “enemy”. If this sounds like you, the designers behind the social fitness app Strava remember you.

Strava lets you “run” others – record your time on a given route and beat them against others who do the same workout at different times.

If you are not a racer but benefit from a little gamification, try Fitocracy. The app lets you raise levels, earn badges, and unlock new workouts.

You can push yourself by choosing milestones and reward yourself when you hit them. Before and after buying a new fitness toy can help inspire you.

4. Be creative

Variety is important, so change those workouts to keep both mind and body engaged.

There are funny stories you can do in training. Popular zombies, run! Zombie-apocalypse will turn your race around the city or treadmill session into a survival story. Other apps have followed its success and will present new stories to heal you.

Or try Bitzim. The app will turn any treadmill / elliptical / stationary bike into a trek across the most beautiful terrain in the world. To make it more realistic, add some inclination to your machine.

5. Be prepared

Set yourself up for success with inspirational strategies. Wear your work clothes immediately after work, turn up the heat for morning yoga, or pump your blood with the right song for your alarm.

Check back regularly for more fun ideas and tips so you can go all winter long. We’ve got gear and knowledgeable staff to help you meet your goals.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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