» Best of 2022: Guest Posts

Best of 2022: Guest Posts

By Eric Cressey on December 28, 2022 at 4:03 am

I’ve already highlighted the top articles I’ve had on EricCressey.com in 2022, so now it’s time for the best guest posts of the year. Here goes…

1. Exercise of the week: Barbell drop split-squat – Cressey Sports Performance – MA coach Ethan Dyer introduces a single-leg progression that offers some added advantages over the classic lunge and split squats.

2. 5 Warm-up Options to Improve Hip Extension – The ability to access hip extension while opposing hip flexes is important in sprinting, throwing, hitting, and countless other athletic endeavors. In this article, Cressy Sports Performance – Florida coach Dylan Lees outlines a few dynamic ways to challenge hip extension in the warm-up.

3. 5 Drills for Dynamic Trunk Reduction – Cressy Sports Performance – Florida coach Eduardo Valle shares five deceleration drills that are helpful for almost any type of athlete, but especially in the rotational realm we live in every day.

4. 4 Training Principles to Maximize Your Speed – In today’s world of strength and community there is a heavy bias towards contralateral stress and rowing, and as Ethan Dyer shares (again!) in this article, we need to give the ipsilateral options some love.

5. Wall March variations to winWall marches are drills that have been commonly used in the strength and conditioning and track and field communities for years. Unfortunately, many instructors don’t realize how much you can build on the basic wall march to teach different movement skills. In this article, Dylan Lees shares some of our favorite variations on this classic drill.

I will be back soon with more highlights of 2022.

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