» Best of 2022: Podcasts

Best of 2022: Podcasts

By Eric Cressey on December 29, 2022 at 6:22 am

2022 marks 4 years of the Elite Baseball Development Podcast. In all, we released 36 episodes in 2022 – and I learned a ton from some great guests. That said, here are our top five episodes of the year:

1. Navigating Youth Baseball Development and College Recruiting with Walter Bied – Baseball dad, coach, author and consultant Walter Beede joins us for a multi-faceted conversation on a variety of topics that are essential for baseball families to understand. I’ve known Walter for over 15 years, and in addition to having more passion for baseball than anyone I’ve ever met, he’s also helped many families navigate the landscape of travel ball and college recruiting.

2. College Baseball Strength and Conditioning Considerations with Zach Dechant – Texas Christian University Assistant Athletic Director of Human Performance Jack DeChant oversees baseball development at TCU. In this discussion with guest host John O’Neill, Zach shares insights into the long-term development of college athletes, discusses his offseason work with alumni moving on to professional baseball, and outlines the key skills he looks to develop in coaches. consultant

3. Principles of Energy DevelopmentI flew solo for this podcast, since I covered one topic: power development. My goal here was to take a large, seemingly complex topic and break it down into digestible component parts.

4. Versatile pitching development with Matt Hinckley – Matt Hinckley joined the Cressey Sports Performance – FL staff in late 2021 and has done a tremendous job with our pitching department.. In this podcast, we cover a wide range of pitching topics, including:

  • How to connect the dots between pitching mechanics and strength and conditioning
  • How to use high-speed cameras for pitch design
  • Why planning the annual competition calendar is so important
  • When to use fine tuning vs extensive overhaul
  • Why is he more of a “pitching manager” than a “pitching coach”?
  • Why the mental aspect of pitching can never be overlooked

5. Understanding Anterior Shoulder Pain with Dr. David Altchek – Dr. David Altchek of the Hospital for Special Surgery and the New York Mets shares some outstanding clinical insights into the diagnosis and treatment of anterior shoulder pain in overhead throwing athletes.

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We’re back to regular EricCressey.com content this coming week. Thanks for all your support in 2022! We have some great things planned for 2023.

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