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Best of 2022: Strength and Conditioning Articles

By Eric Cressey on December 24, 2022 at 1:15 pm

As 2022 draws to a close, I’m using this last week of the year to take you back to some of the most popular content from the past 12 months on EricCressey.com, as this “series” has been quite popular over the past few years. Today, we start with the most popular articles of the year; According to my hosting stats these are the ones that get the most traffic.

1. Why we shouldn’t compare kids in sports – One of the trends I see in youth sports is how often the youngest kids are compared to their peers. In this article, I dig into the problems with this approach:

2. Position vs pressure– About 15 years ago, I attended a two-day course with Dr. William Brady, a respected chiropractor and manual therapist in the Boston area. He said on the occasion, “Biomechanics is a combination of physics and biology. Put another way, it’s the study of loads applied to human tissue.” This was the most succinct and comprehensive definition of biomechanics I’d ever heard, so I frantically jotted it down in my notes—and to this day I keep it in the back of my mind every time I evaluate movement. The article explains why.

3. Why you can’t feel your serratus anterior work – I received an inquiry from a follower who asked why exercises targeting serratus anterior are so difficult to “feel”. There is a fair amount to unpack on this topic, so I recorded this video on the subject.

4. Exercise of the Week: Slideboard Lateral Lunge with Eccentric Band Overload – I got this exercise from my friend, Ben Bruno – and it’s obviously not just a hit with me, because it got a lot of traffic when I shared it with a baseball-focused audience.

5. Exercise of the Week: Supported Elbow Car – This was my New Year’s Day 2022 post, and it has stood the test of time as one of the most popular topics of the year.

I’ll be back soon with another “Best of 2022” feature. Next, the best guest post of the year!

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