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Get the full pro experience at Cressy Sports Performance – FL this summer!

By Eric Cressey on March 3, 2023 at 11:32 am

Cressy Sports Performance – Florida is home to hundreds of pro baseball players from around the world, at various levels of play throughout the off-season. They move to FL to train and develop with our great coaches who collaborate to create the coordinator players need to improve. We’re able to personalize the experience from start to finish, because we think that’s what makes athletes successful. Whether we’re working with a first-year minor leaguer or one of our Cy Young Award winners, the right “mix” is a little different for everyone. Along with our world-class facilities, coaches and services – this detailed personalization is what we bring to a first-of-its-kind summer program, the CSP Pro Experience.

This 10-week (6/5/23 – 8/12/23) program includes:

  • 2 movement evaluation (1 entrance and 1 exit)
  • 2 Proteus power tests (1 entry and 1 exit) and accompanying report for targeted ball-velocity profiling for rotational athletes
  • 10 week individualized strength and conditioning programs are always supervised by our team of coaches
  • 3 nutrition meetings with regular nutrition check-ins/instructions
  • 10 manual therapy sessions (once per week)
  • 3 pitching meetings (1 entrance, 1 halfway check-up, 1 exit), including video analysis, mechanical breakdown and data analysis (if available)
  • 2 Thea markerless motion capture sessions and associated reports (detailed below)
  • 10 Week Individual Throwing Program Including:
  • Detailed warm-ups, weighted ball programs and throwing progress are always monitored by our coaching staff.
  • Rhapsodo (with report)
  • Trackman (with reports)
  • Edgetronic High-Speed ​​Camera (with report)
  • All bullpens will be performed on dirt mounds in cleats under the supervision of our coaches – and applicable technology present.
  • Pitchers who need to get innings as part of their overall development plan can easily throw against live hitters on the showcase field adjacent to our facility.

Athletes participating in this program will start and finish throwing a bullpen on our brand new biomechanical markerless motion capture system, THEA. Our system records athletes using an 8-camera setup. The cameras give us the ability to upload the data we collect and create a 3-dimensional visual model of their bullpen session. By using markerless motion capture systems, we will be able to serve athletes in a real-life, on-field environment with arguably the best quality/accuracy. That model will explain in detail, in terms of biomechanics, what the athlete is doing on the mound, and will provide a number of visual tools that will help us better understand the pitcher’s delivery. We’ll use this to create a report outlining what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and – most importantly – the coaching intervention.

We will be capping this program to ensure exclusivity and ensure each athlete receives the time and coaching they deserve. This program will sell out quickly, so delaying enrollment may limit your ability to gain access. You can know more by contacting [email protected].

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