CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Josiah Gray

CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Josiah Gray

May 13, 2022 at 6:34 am, Eric Cressy

We welcome Washington Nationals pitcher Josiah Gray to this week’s podcast. Josiah trained at Crazy Sports Performance – FL last offseason and impressed me not only as a hard worker but also as a pitcher who really understands his identity and what makes his “unique” success. He was not a highly-acclaimed prospect outside of high school, but turned himself into a second-rounder and, in the end, thanks for his preparation.

Special thanks to the sponsor of this event, Proteus motion. They are changing the way they evaluate and train athletes through their 3D resistance. Head to www.ProteusMotion.com Learn more about this sophisticated technology.

You can follow Josiah on Instagram jojo_gray21.

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Proteus motion There is a patented technology that allows us to measure energy for the overwhelming majority of human movement. Proteus software guides trainers through unprecedented performance data and insights through 4-minute physical assessments of users, creating entirely new standards for personalized fitness and physical rehabilitation. All of this is enabled by the complete redesign of resistance training called 3D resistance. The strength and acceleration of training with Proteus’ patented 3D resistance can in many cases be safer, more efficient and more effective than traditional resistance training equipment. I’ve been a big fan of Proteus for the last few years. We have a unit at both the Cresce Sports Performance facilities and have actually helped develop the Cresce Power test for rotating athletes. The information we have gathered from this test is a perfect game changer to help us program our athletes more optimally. In addition, as a training initiative, Proteus’ work has allowed us to train different points on the ball-velocity curve in a rotating pattern in a way that the medical force cannot.

You can learn more about them by listening Episode 106 of the Elite Baseball Development PodcastOr by title www.ProteusMotion.com.

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