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Allergies are always sad, but trying to push through a workout with allergies is another level of discomfort. To keep your mind and body at ease, you need to be allergy-proof in your home gym – especially if you suffer from allergic asthma, which can be exacerbated by cardio workouts such as spinning or rowing.

To protect yourself from the sniffle race on the treadmill this spring, make your home allergy-proof with the following steps:

1. Focus on the home gym

Focus on your allergy proofing where you keep your workout equipment or spend your time exercising. Be sure to clean thoroughly:

  • If you have high-pile carpeting, be sure to vacuum at least once a week and shampoo every few weeks. If you have removable patches, consider removing them until the allergy season is over or be sure to vacuum and wash as often as possible.
  • Try to confine furniture near your workout space to pieces of leather, plastic, metal, or wood to minimize surfaces on which allergens may accumulate.
  • During allergy and pollen seasons, keep your windows closed and use filtered air conditioner. Remember to clean dust, condensation and mold from your frame and seals at least once a week.
  • Indoor plants. During the allergy season, take potted plants outside or, at the very least, outside of your workout area.

2. Clean the bedroom

Your bedroom may have a lot of allergens, so it should be on your side during spring-cleaning. Be sure to check out:

  • Wash your sheets, blankets and pillow cases at high heat at least once a week to reduce allergens. Consider keeping them comfortable for the summer or wash them weekly. Wool or feather duvets get rid of bedding, as they can increase allergy symptoms.
  • Remove rags from washable areas at least once a week and vacuum all surfaces.
  • Blinds and curtains. Be sure to use dust blinds and washable cotton curtains to reduce allergens in your bedroom.
  • The bedroom is often cluttered with clutter, such as books, magazines, baby toys, and kipsacks. Keep unnecessary items away, store toys in plastic bins, and reduce dust every day.
  • Air purifier. Buy an air filter that purifies the air when you sleep or when you workout. Be sure to face the filter towards you for maximum effect.

3. See the rest of your home

Some additional elements to consider when cleaning your home include:

  • Stove and sink. Use vents and fans to remove cooking smoke and moisture. Clean your sink regularly to reduce mold and mildew.
  • Showers, tubs and toilets. Keep your bathroom clean so that no allergens or bacteria can build up that can cause your allergies to overdrive.
  • Let your pet go out for a relaxing afternoon in the sun at the back of the house during your workout. You can reduce dandruff and other allergens in your pet by taking a bath every few weeks. Do not bathe them too often though – dry skin can increase the dandruff of pets.
  • Humidity and temperature. Maintaining a pleasant, cool temperature can prevent dust, mold and other unpleasant allergens from entering your home. Keep your air conditioning filter clean and up to date.

Don’t let allergies derail your fitness schedule. Having a weekly cleansing routine can help protect you from the worst of the allergy season and keep you on track with your fitness goals. If you are looking for the best home fitness equipment, G&G Fitness Specialists can help you create the perfect gym at home.

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