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Most men think they understand the rules of weight loss, diet and exercise – but they often do not understand the complex relationship between hormones and weight gain.

Here, we are going to discuss how these chemical messengers can affect men’s health, weight and body. We will advise men on how their hormones can work with them to support their weight loss efforts and health without compromising their fitness goals.

What are hormones?

Hormones are Chemical messenger In the blood, which travels to tissues and organs and regulates the basic functions and processes of the body. According to Johns Hopkins Medical SchoolHormones regulate essential functions such as:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels, as well as glucose, protein and fat metabolism
  • Mood
  • Sex drive and fertility
  • Growth and development
  • Red blood cell production
  • Sleep cycle

Healthy hormone levels are essential for general well-being. There is a natural cycle of hormone production and hormones can also be affected by the environment. Hormones affect how the body gains and stores weight and men should know that they can take active steps to change their hormone levels so that they want to see.

Important hormones and ways to boost them

There are some very important hormones that affect weight and muscle mass and men can keep them at healthy levels.


Oxytocin helps men remove sperm and make women’s breast milk, but it is better known as the “love hormone”. Oxytocin is responsible for the warmth that people feel in the early stages of a relationship (among other moments). This is one of the so-called “three.” Happy hormones“Including dopamine and serotonin, responsible for pleasurable feelings – as well as, equally important, for emotional stability.

There are many ways to increase oxytocin (for example, meditating, hugging a partner and doing something usually pleasurable). Yoga is a great way to increase the levels of these feeling-good chemicals. Men who feel better while exercising can continue exercising, which can lead to more weight loss and help them establish a healthier routine. So a possession Yoga mat And increase your oxytocin!

Exercise also increases dopamine. Includes some great dopamine boosters Running treadmill And Cycling.


Cortisol The body’s main stress hormone. At the right level, it is important for the overall functioning of the body, but chronic stress can lead to an excess of cortisol and send your body into overdrive. Problems Associated with excessive cortisol:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain

For a healthy, physically fit body, it is also important to take care of the mind, because anxious and depressed men are more likely to neglect their physical health. Although it is physically stressful, Exercise is important for lowering cortisol levels And to improve one’s overall condition.

Aerobic exercise lowers cortisol (and adrenaline). This is especially important because excess cortisol is associated with visceral fat – fat around the abdomen, which is considered particularly deadly and difficult to transfer. According to American Institute of Stress, “Apple-shaped people are more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, certain cancers and heart attacks” than pear-shaped people. Belly fat can also create a vicious cycle, as having too much belly fat increases cortisol storage in the body (and so on). The best way to limit cortisol is to get proper sleep, nutrition, enjoyable activities – and reduce stress through exercise.

All Exercises Beneficial for Cortisol Reduction: Elliptical machine Provide an excellent cardio workout which is also challenging. Weightlifting Can be meditative, and can defeat cortisol in two ways: exercise and relaxation.

Weightlifting Also increase muscle mass, which has its own Chemical and anti-inflammatory benefits Body: More muscle helps men to process insulin better in their body and enhances their defense against abdominal fat deposits. Paying special attention to the core when trying to improve overall hormonal health is not as important as whole body exercise. Exercise involved TRX Hormones can provide the full-body workout needed for health, helping you use resistance to build energy.


Ghrelin, an appetite hormone, can make men want to overeat when they are out of hunger. Overeating makes weight loss difficult to maintain. Fortunately, there are natural ways to control ghrelin, including exercise. Studies have shown, The funny thing is, that likes aerobic workouts Running treadmill Excess gherlin is particularly good at controlling, which makes men less likely to overeat.


Insulin is produced by the pancreas, and proper levels are important for healthy blood sugar. Patients with diabetes have trouble producing consistent levels.

Eating too much sugar and sitting down are both dangerous for maintaining healthy insulin levels, which leads to hormonal weight gain. Combined with proper nutrition, any exercise will help maintain healthy insulin levels – and not just low-insulin exercise in healthy people, Some research Show that short bursts of high-intensity exercise can help patients with type-2 diabetes make it. Exercise bikes A home can offer a way to craft high intensity workouts.


Lastly, the best preservation for endorphins Classically associated with exercise, including stretching. Like oxytocin, they make us feel better. (These are considered hormones, although they can also be classified as neuropeptides). Endorphins reduce our pain and are responsible for the classic runner height. That feeling (which everyone gets in the end – sometimes it hits after a run, we promise) is a great inspiration for exercise and weight loss, it means running TreadmillLifting WeightOr try a high intensity interval (HIIT) Workout. Many exercisers wait for a sweaty workout because of the good feeling produced by hormone levels. Endorphins make people feel better about themselves and about life in general, making it easier to continue the work of changing fats.

Endorphins can reduce weight Appetite control. To release some endorphins and stretch after a workout, invest in a great foam roller This is it.

Aging and hormones

As men get older, their hormone levels may change.


Testosterone is a hormone associated with men for sexuality, muscle bulk, heart health and bone strength. Testosterone levels can decrease with age, which can make weight loss difficult (higher testosterone levels are associated with better weight loss ability). The good news is that just as men naturally lose testosterone, they can naturally increase it without the need for supplements.

According to StudyStrength training is a great way to increase testosterone. Weight Strength is the foundation of training, but there are also variations to explore Kettlebell And Weighted vestTo make cardio more challenging and to lose hormonal weight.

With low testosterone levels, it can be difficult for men to gain more muscle mass, but with proper nutrition and strength training, it is still possible. There Yoga postures Testosterone (and low cortisol, which affects the above-mentioned fat stores – but also affects the ability to build muscle). For this reason, yoga is an excellent practice to help men maintain their hormonal balance. Men should not hesitate to get them Mat And grab some simple yoga props Block And Whip.


Another hormone that decreases with age in men is norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is both a stress hormone and a neurotransmitter. Since it is associated with fat loss, norepinephrine is involved in muscle blood flow, heart rate, and blood sugar release. Low levels can lead to depression. Fortunately, exercise May increase norepinephrine levelsCreates a beneficial domino effect – more exercise equals enhanced norepinephrine, which is equivalent to better heart disease and blood sugar control, which makes it easier for men to lose weight and keep it off.

Human body growth hormone

Human Increase Hormones, as the name implies, are important for healthy growth of muscles, bones and tissues as well as for metabolism of fats. Its levels may decrease with age and obesity. Exercise restores HGH At a healthy level, especially high intensity exercise. Heavy weight And like explosive exercises plyometric jump Great way to increase HGH.

Hormones, sleep and lifestyle

Some hormones, such as HGH, depend on a combination of activity and rest to properly metabolize. Well, restorative sleep is very important.

Healthy levels of the hormone serotonin can improve sleep and mood, as well as fight depression and improve digestion (both of which have a positive effect on weight loss).

Aerobic exercise is a great way to increase serotonin, including Elliptical trainingSwimming, jogging, Jump ropeAnd Rowing. A good night’s sleep helps the body maintain hormonal balance, maintains brain health and also reduces the overall risk of disease. All of these factors are related to maintaining a healthy weight.

Hormonal disruptors, exercise and weight loss

Unfortunately, many chemicals in the environment can affect our hormones, such as bisphenol A (BPA), a so-called hormone disruptor that is commonly found in cans and plastics. BPA is associated with many negative health effects and can have estrogenic effects – bad for men trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

BPA can be chronic in the body but also comes out inside SweatExercise is a great way to rid the body of this toxic danger (and a good reason to lose fat, because that’s where BPA is stored). With a Home gymWorkouts are easy and flexible, and men can make sure there are a variety of exercises available to them.

Conclusion: Hormones, weight loss and exercise

Scientists are constantly refining their understanding of the complex interplay of hormones and weight gain, but their findings are consistent with recommending exercise as a tonic. Including many home options InstructorExercise can increase men’s feeling-good hormone levels and keep them in good shape for the rest of their lives.


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