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Do you want to learn an easy way to get in better shape and improve your relationship? Of course you will!

Let’s talk about couples fitness.

Usually, you go to the gym to lift some weights. In the back corner of the facility, you and a bunch of other friends shouted “One more representative brother!” Lifting weights and crying while trying to.

In the meantime, take a spinning class at another health and fitness facility across your significant other city.

Fitness is important for both of you, but when you both have different fitness interests you don’t know how to exercise as a couple.

In this article you will learn a great couple workout plans that you and your significant other can do together.

People are lifting weights in the dark gym

Female in spin class

When you go home, you both feel better from your respective workout. But you wonder …

Why should you work as a couple?

Couples workout togetherThere has been a lot of research that shows that couples who exercise together spend more time on a workout program and maintain a healthier relationship. A survey by Indiana University’s Department of Kinesiology surveyed married couples who joined a health club together and found that couples who worked separately had a 43 percent dropout rate in one year. Those who go to the gym together, regardless of the type of exercise they do, have a dropout rate of only 6.3 percent. ”

Everyone knows that having a gym friend is a great tool that helps many people stay committed and dedicated to their fitness goals. So, it is understood that more couples want to be each other’s fitness partners. Besides, Who knows you better or spends more time with you than you do?

So maybe you are curious but you have a problem. You don’t enjoy the spinning class and have no interest in joining the cavemen in your lady’s free weight room.

Is there any other way that you two can exercise together so that everyone is happy?

There’s a workout for couples, and you’re going to find out what it looks like.

Top 5 rules for working as a couple:

  1. No expectations: Remember that you and your significant other have different fitness levels and abilities. What he can do is great, but you can’t be at his level and vice versa.
  2. Learn Enjoy the exercise Without expecting anything in return.
  3. Rejoice!
  4. You can when you give up all expectations Enjoy the time Together the workout can be fun in a way that you never feel during training alone.
  5. Smile, Encourage Take some time to enjoy reaching the highest levels of fitness as your partner, and as a couple.

Couples Exercise: You go, I go

This workout is one of my all time favorite for couples or partners. It’s called You go আমি I go Because the structure sounds just like that; You do one set of exercises, then your partner does one set.

It’s easy to follow, and an ideal setup for two people with different fitness levels. For example, you can do twenty push-ups in a set, but your partner can only do seven. No problem. As you perform your set, rest your partner. Then you rest while your partner sets her up.

It may seem unfair that one of you rests too long, but it works on its own during training. Each person is challenged according to his or her own fitness level.

Let’s dive into the workout here. No equipment or fitness instructors will be needed for this example. Just your body weight.

Best Couples Workout Plan (Without Tools)

  1. Warm up for five minutes with calisthenics. (Jumping jack, high knee, running in place, mountaineer, plank …)
  2. Push-ups – 5 sets (although you can do a lot of repetitions that are challenging, not until you fail)
  3. Squats – 5 sets (like push-ups)
  4. Reverse Crunches – 4 sets (repeat until you burn but not completely fail)
  5. Barpiece – 4 sets (like reverse crunch)
  6. Colddown and stretching – five minutes

Remember – you go, I’ll go. When your set is complete, your partner starts his set, and vice versa, until all the sets are finished.

Best Couples Workout (with Tools)

  1. This workout begins with a five-minute warm-up as usual. Then you start to pause at any of the tools available to you. Your mate will be on another device, or you can swap if you only have one machine.
  2. Simple exercise of 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of fast cycling / rowing. If you share a piece of home fitness equipment, your partner will hold a plank until your first break. Then you switch.
  3. Repeat the break for a total of 15 minutes each.
  4. Finish with a five-minute cool-down.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is discussed in detail in “Fade to Fact: HIIT Training Just Plain Works”.

For this workout, you’ll still follow the “you go, I’ll go” structure, but instead of body weight exercises, you’ll use one of my favorite tools for break training – an airdine bike or rover.

Check out the AirDine bike:

Now you have experienced a great workout with your partner.

Does this mean you have to exercise together all the time? Absolutely not! You can still hit the weight as your partner goes for a walk. But if you want to experience the benefits of working together, set aside one or two days each month. Get sweaty and have fun!

It’s not only good for your body, it’s also great for your long term relationship goals.

Couple Workout Together Romance Accountability Partners Exercise As A Couple Valentine's Day Workout

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Jim White is a freelance contributor to G&G Fitness.  He is a personal trainer and owner of Strength Essentials 716.  He loves to help people build energy for life.  When he is not writing or training clients, he prefers to hike and shout at the moon.  He has the natural ability to see great potential in you, even if you don't see it in yourself.  Jim also enjoys long walks on the beach and classic novels.  His website is White A freelance contributor to G&G Fitness. He is also a personal trainer and owner Energy is essential 716. He loves to help people build energy for life. When he is not writing or training clients, he prefers to hike and shout at the moon. He has the natural ability to see great potential in you, even if you don’t see it in yourself. Jim also enjoys long walks on the beach and classic novels. Learn more at

5 Tips to Get Out of a Training Route – G&G Fitness Equipment

The benefits of a workout are almost endless, but it’s easy to get caught up in a push that makes the workout feel like a chore. A home workout will give you the freedom you want whenever you want. A well-planned fitness routine can help you stay healthy and put stress behind family, work and other things in your mind.

Break from a workout rut

Having recreational exercise options and having the right equipment can make a workout in your home a positive experience that keeps you healthy and wants to get more out of life. To avoid the monotony of a workout, here are 5 tips to get out of a training route:

1. Use technology to improve your workout

With the explosion of exercise technology over the past few years, you have multiple options to increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of workouts at home. Technology can enhance your enjoyment and enhance your workout – resulting in a healthier lifestyle. This technology includes not only the exercise equipment you are using but also something that can help keep you entertained during your fitness routine.

Home fitness equipment Each type is available to personalize your workout experience. This type of technology can increase your mobility and help you burn calories more efficiently. A workout is a great way to keep entertained to avoid that “work” feeling.

Watching something on television, your phone or any other entertainment device can pass the time and allow you to enjoy physical exercise.

For example, you can enjoy attaching a screen to your fitness equipment while sitting at home Matrix XUR console. Its premium 22-inch screen offers the largest and brightest HD touchscreen display – enlivening workouts, movies and videos. This console is attached to your bike, elliptical or other equipment, run a workout, watch your favorite streaming service or browse the internet. Listen to the audio on its built-in speakers or connect your Bluetooth headphones.

2. Develop a strong cardio program

It takes proper planning and equipment to get the most out of your workout. A cardio workout helps you burn energy and calories. Getting on a TreadmillA Spin bikeOr a Elliptical It can help keep your heart rate at a healthy level and help your body work towards your fitness goals.

When it comes to weight loss and efficient calorie-burning, a continuous workout on one of these machines can help you reach your goals.

Whether your workout comes from a book, Matrix XUR console or your own plan, what you will achieve ahead of time will make you more effective. You will also be able to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after a great cardio workout.

3. Add strength training to your cardio workout

Adding strength training routine to your cardio can help break the monotony. It also enhances the effectiveness of your workout. Strength training equipment Your home gym lets you increase your metabolic rate and gain muscle. The use of strength training equipment may include:

You can sculpt your body and add muscle mass – all while losing weight through cardio workouts. Short breaks to incorporate strength training into your treadmill or elliptical routine are not only healthier, but also a much more fun way to work out.

4. Mix up your workout routine

One of the main reasons you can get a workout routine and lose interest quickly is the monotony of doing the same routine every time.

To remedy this, add other types of workouts to your cardio and strength training. Consider yoga, dance videos or even Rowing workout. Paying attention to specific parts of the body on a given day helps prevent muscle fatigue and improves overall health.

Home fitness programs that are more diverse are more enjoyable and help keep you interested. To avoid getting bored at your home workout, mix it up and keep fighting for your fitness goals.

5. Partner up your own home

Many workouts can be a wonderful solitary experience – a great remedy for the stress of your family or life. But, sometimes, a workout can feel lonely.

Couples exercise

You can solve this problem by partnering with people to challenge yourself in a variety of ways to suit your style and needs:

  • Create a Family Workout Challenge
  • Join an online class or fitness group
  • Work with your wife
  • Work with friends
  • Compete in local events and competitions

Working out at a home gym gives you the option of spending some time alone or getting the social interaction you need to move forward with your goals.

With, You can have access to premium tools that make your workout the most efficient. Check out our website to start your fitness journey today!

5 Ways to Make Working a Habit – G&G Fitness Equipment

The habit does not happen overnight. While this means it will take time and effort to develop good habits like working out, it does mean that bad or compulsive habits are not set in stone.

Did you make a mistake or lost confidence? You can learn from it. Sick or stuck in a rot? You can heal and increase. When trying to create your workout routine, focus on traveling. Read our tips on how to make healthy-boosting fitness a part of your life.

1. Start small

You may have daily workouts, perfectly toned abs, and defined muscle vision, but you can’t make a habit of anything. You should start with realistic expectations and workable goals. Starting small, you can build your routine on growth and take pride in improving your strength and endurance.

While the big goals sound great, they are not realistic. Small steps help you build momentum and excitement for what lies ahead. If you need to, focus on a 5- to 10-minute routine so you don’t burn or hit the wall of resistance.

2. Automate it

Set yourself a prompt so you don’t have to worry about when your day will fit. You can add exercises to your email calendar, use an app to send a chime reminder, put your workout clothes on a bench in a visible place, or take your dog for a walk and then go to your home gym right away. Anything that is an activity automatically reduces indecision.

3. Have fun

We want to emphasize the importance of fun in fitness. Working out shouldn’t be one of your scary things. And it shouldn’t be the cause of the actual pain. When you associate fitness with your enjoyment movement, you are more likely to wait for it. And once you’re groomed, you’ll love it Exercise health benefits Too much

If you like small bursts of activity, give it a try Rowing machine Or Kickboxing. If you want to zone out an action while daydreaming, give it a try Treadmill.

4. Welcome the award

You’ve found a movement that you enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make a habit. In the early stages, reward yourself with a special treat after you finish work. Maybe it’s a chapter in a new novel, an episode of your favorite show, or a new podcast you downloaded. Maybe it’s a glass of wine or a cup of coffee from the beans you ordered from your favorite store. If you know that an award is coming, you can push yourself to continue.

5. Eliminate perfection

Repeat after us: perfection does not exist. Trying to achieve unattainable is the easiest way to get into your own head and convince yourself that you are not good.

Everything that works for you is important when it comes to fitness. Then, if you have a day where you feel inspired, adjust as needed. If you feel tired, try to practice for a few minutes. You will be amazed at how good you feel Endorphins begin to pump.

Are you ready to take the next step but don’t know where to start? Contact us at G&G Fitness Equipment for expert advice Home gym equipment This will help you to stay fit and form a lifelong habit.

7 Reasons You Should Barpiece Every Day – G&G Fitness Equipment

Barpies can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. But if you perform Barpis every day, even if it is just a few, you will soon become as strong as a professional!

Like all other aspects of fitness, it’s about consistency. One way Inspire yourself Keep in mind that Barpi can provide many health benefits to keep going.

Here, we’ll teach you seven reasons why you should include barping before you run, and why you should include exercise in your daily workout routine.

How to make a burpee

How to make a burpee for women

There are many Barpy variations that you can choose from and you can choose the Barpi style that works best for you based on your needs and current fitness. You can do simple exercises as soon as you work up to the barpi. Once you have mastered the standard barpi, you can change things at speed to make the practice more challenging.

Let’s get started.

6 steps to make a burpee

  1. Stand with your arms straight at your side.
  2. Squat until your hands reach the floor.
  3. Using your hands as anchors, jump and push your legs backwards. When you land, your plank should be in position.
  4. Hold the board for a while and check if your form is correct.
  5. Get your legs back to your hands. If you want to make Barpy more challenging, add a pushup before your feet get back to hand.
  6. Jump into the air and stretch your arms over your head as you rise. Lay down in a standing position and then repeat the exercise as often as possible.

Now that you know how to do Burpi, let’s look at seven main reasons why you should do this exercise consistently.

Why do you need to make burpees every day?

1. You will work on multiple muscle groups

What burpees do and why I have to do them

Barpi is a simple but effective tool for total bodybuilding. This is a great way to work out most of your body’s major muscle groups to efficiently strengthen your upper and lower body. Even limbs like your hands work out!

Each burpee helps strengthen you:

  • Shoulder
  • Weapons
  • Original
  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings

A virtually complete body workout, burps are a great exercise to help you get in shape faster.

2. You will get your heart rate up

Burpees combine cardio and both Strength training. When done correctly and consistently, the exercise provides a High-intensity workout This will ensure that not only your muscle condition, your heart is pumping, your lungs are working and sweat will flow.

Exercise is a clever way to measure your fitness. If you start to feel pain after just a few bars, your challenge will be energy-based; If you find yourself running out of breath, your challenge will be cardiovascular and stamina-based. The great thing about Barpis is that the exercises help you develop on both fronts.

Start by setting a timer for three minutes and see how many burps you can complete in that amount of time. Even if you complete just a few barpieces each day, you’ll start to notice improvements over time – you’ll be able to repeat more within those three minute time periods of weeks or months.

3. Barpis helps you burn calories and fat

Because barpi doubles like cardio and strength training, the exercise is a favorite choice for those who want to burn calories and fat.

In just one minute, you may be able to burn up to 15 calories. Over time, this will help you lose fat.

Remember, barpies provide virtually a full body workout. All the muscles involved need to work extra hard and they will use the calories for their required energy and ultimately help you slim down.

4. You will do your core work

It is important to provide stability to your core muscles and reduce the risk of injury. Burps are an effective workout for your core muscles, as you need to keep your core engaged from start to finish.

Incorporating barbells into your workout routine is a great strategy if you want to focus on your abs while strengthening other muscle groups at the same time.

5. You will improve your mobility, posture and balance

Since burps target many muscles and involve a wide range of motion, they can help improve your mobility, balance, and coordination. When you do barping on a consistent basis, your body will become stronger, your health will improve and you will move and feel better.

6. You don’t need any equipment to make burpees

The biggest advantage of making barpies is that you can do them anywhere, anytime, without any tools! You don’t have to go to the gym or invest in fitness equipment Treadmill or elliptical.

You can make burpees from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need a lot of space; Even if you travel, you can do some barping in your hotel room so you don’t skip a beat in your workout routine – no excuses!

7. You can change the exercise according to your needs

When you master the classic Burpee and feel ready for a new challenge, there are many Burpee variations that you can choose from.

For example, you can:

  • Use a BOSU force to improve your balance.
  • Tax a Pull up Every time you jump at the end of a burpee.
  • Add your burpees HIIT (High-intensity interval training) routine.
  • Hold on Dumbbells Press the overhead shoulder with each hand and with each rep.

You can also change the intensity of your barpie – take a short breath between each barpie, go for a slow and controlled barpie, or try to pull out as many barpis as you can in three minutes!

Are you ready to do barpiece every day?

Burpees is a powerful, effective and comprehensive body weight exercise that offers numerous health and fitness benefits. Even if you do not do a complete workout every day, performing a few barpis in succession will increase your body strength and keep your muscles strong. Start with burpees today and don’t forget to check out LiveFit Blog For more fitness tips and tricks!

How To Have A Good Fitness Attitude – G&G Fitness Equipment

Getting in the mood to exercise can be a big challenge. You know that you should exercise regularly and you feel great after exercising, but it is more comfortable to sit on the sofa.

Your attitude towards how to work can be improvedFortunately, it is possible to find inspiration by yourself. You can teach yourself to develop a better attitude towards fitness just like you can develop a healthy habit. It takes practice and commitment, but having a better attitude towards fitness ultimately depends on you. Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to get into the mood for exercise.

Improve your workout settings

First think about where you are working.

If your equipment is in a dark basement, you are probably not excited to get down there. Instead, join a local gym or enroll in a dance class where you will be close to other inspired people. Or set up your own home gym with lots of free space and healthy lighting.

If you choose to go for one Home workout area, Be sure to include your biggest inspiration. For example, if you want a yoga room in your home:

  • Put a peaceful message or picture on the wall
  • Keep plants around the house to help you stay calm
  • Your favorite post up Inspirational Or Funny gym coat Next to your treadmill or elliptical

If working in the same place and in the same place starts to feel stale, change your routine or revise your setting once in a while. Go out for jogging or cycling and include your favorite music in your workout routine.

Work out doesn’t have to be a job. When you set the right setting for yourself, you start to see improvement in your motivation.

Get the right gear

Another great fitness motivator is finding the right equipment. This means investing in the right machine like high quality Treadmill, Elliptical, rowers, And weight. It means finding the right shoes and Workout clothes.

Build a home gym Including all your favorite fitness equipment. What are your gym machines? Which exercise do you find most challenging? Consider investing in versatile fitness gear so that you can do multiple exercises or workouts with one piece of equipment.

Order a new pair of running sneakers and no doubt you will feel more inspired to go out in them. Find clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. Even if you’re working from home, these small upgrades can be a big motivation.

Set realistic fitness goals

Setting realistic fitness goalsWe all have moments when we feel extra motivated. In these moments, we tend to start setting high goals, such as “I’ll start running five miles every day” or “Every morning when I wake up, I do an hour of yoga.” While these goals are achievable for seasoned athletes, when you’re just starting out, it’s best to start small.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating fitness goals:

  • Don’t set yourself up for failure by overreaching.
  • Be sure to measure your improvement or progress – lap time, rip, weight lifting and more.
  • Evaluate your general workout routine to find out which exercises you enjoy the most or where your workouts should fit into your schedule.
  • A track your progress and feelings Fitness Journal.

Don’t forget to set the rewards to reach your goal. Rewards can be anything from exercise to eating your favorite food to taking a day off.

Setting fitness goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable and keep you motivated to work.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

There is a big reason many people fail to keep track of their fitness: Drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol is a depression that can have a major impact on your mood, mental health and motivation. It also affects your physical health by dehydrating you and upsetting your balance.

Excessive alcohol consumption makes it difficult to stick to healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising regularly. If you drink too much, it is almost impossible to maintain a positive attitude towards work.

Try to reduce the amount of alcohol in your life. According to US Government Diet GuidelinesYou should drink moderate amounts – limit yourself to just one or two drinks a day.

We realize that drinking some alcohol on the weekends can be fun and relaxing. But when treating yourself, be sure not to overdo it. Instead of letting alcohol control you, control alcohol in your life to stay fit, motivated and healthy.

Eat healthy

Food pyramidExercise and healthy eating go hand in hand. When you pay attention to what you put in your body and choose to eat properly, you will start to feel better overall. But if you regularly eat junk food or overeat, your attitude towards work will get worse. When you eat healthy, you will feel better. And when you feel good, you’re more likely to feel motivated to go out for that race or to stretch.

Remember how great you are feeling later

Finally, remember this: Exercise helps to improve your mood. While you may find different results after each workout, working out can help keep you motivated. After a jug or yoga session, enjoy how positive and healthy you feel. Hold the feeling of victory or relaxation after a workout when it is difficult to get up and move. When you focus on how well you feel after exercising, you will feel motivated to pursue that feeling the way you can.

You can change your attitude towards fitness

Getting in the mood to exercise is not always easy. But remember that it’s up to you to turn things around:

  • Set realistic goals so you can hold yourself accountable.
  • Eat healthy and avoid drinking too much alcohol.
  • Make sure you’re working on a setting that you enjoy.
  • Invest in the right equipment and workout clothes.
  • Hold on to that great feeling of yours after a workout.

How do you stay purposeful? Let us know in the comments!

Top 5 Podcasts for Home Workouts – G&G Fitness Tools

With our busy schedules, having a workout can be a challenge for anyone. For many of us, we need extra inspiration to get off the couch and off the treadmill. But how do we find and keep that inspiration?

Fortunately, inspiration can be streamed to our mobile devices. Finding our favorite fitness podcasts can be something that inspires us to stay fit.

1. The best running podcast

For those of us looking to get into the running world, this is the best podcast to start streaming Ali in the run podcast. Ali interviewed runners from all walks of life – who lead fascinating lives and inspire other aspiring runners.

We can jump on the treadmill, turn on this podcast, and be inspired to run. We need the right equipment to help us in our fitness journey. For a high-end, head to the well-made treadmill G&G fitness equipment to add a treadmill to your home gym.

2. The best weightlifting podcast

Some of us like to take a set of dumbbells and crush a hard weightlifting session. The Muscle for life The podcast hosted by Mike Matthews gives us science-based inspiration to build our best bodies. He addresses issues such as which exercises are most effective for building and maintaining muscle, as well as providing nutritional and supplementary advice.

3. The best HIIT podcast

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an intense sweating session that can be done at home. Listen to some inspirational stories that unveil the benefits of HIIT It worked out Alex Cole, host of the podcast Humanities of HIIT, interviews people who have overcome physical and emotional barriers to achieving their fitness goals through HIIT workouts.

4. The best cycling podcast

Many of us may enjoy long cycling, but some of us prefer to workout on a stable bike. Hosted by Australian professional cyclist Mitch Docker, Life in Peloton This is a podcast for those interested in learning more about cycling and hearing stories from athletes who have turned it into a profession.

We can add Exercise bikes from G&G Imagine what it would be like to cycle around the world like our home gym and professional cyclists.

5. Best At-Home Workout Podcast

We don’t have to go to the gym to reach our fitness goals. The Crunches and Cosmos The goal of the podcast is to help us get the most out of our home gym by providing workout tips and insights while sitting at home, as well as reviewing products and workout plans.

We can maximize our home gym experience by acquiring the right equipment. G&G Fitness Equipment has multiple home gym options To give us extra boost we need to move towards our fitness goals.

Workout to live life to the fullest

When it comes down to it, choosing the right podcast can help us feel motivated to work every day. For more inspiration on maintaining a workout routine, consulting with G&G Fitness Equipment can bring fitness equipment into our home তোলে making fitness a part of life.

What is your favorite podcast to workout? Leave it in the comments!

Inspire fitness FT1 or FT2? – G&G fitness equipment

G&G Fitness Equipment Logo Inspired Fitness Stores and Inspired Authorized Retailers

Inspire Fitness is a well known name in the world of fitness. Their valuable fitness equipment, and especially their home gym, is known for being top-of-the-line in every case. The two main functional trainers are FT1 and FT2. The FT1 and FT2 Home Gym are both complete home functional trainer systems, but the FT2 comes with a high-powered smith machine to take your workout to the next level.

Here, we will look at FT1 vs FT2, so you can choose the best fitness for your family.

Inspire FT1 Overview | Inspired FT2 Overview | FT1 vs. FT2

Important information: The features and functions of this home gym are innumerable and no article can give them justice. To get a full overview of the Inspire FT1, FT2 and more Home Gym, visit or contact your local G&G Fitness Equipment showroom.

Click here for an appointment, virtual shopping or advice.

Inspire FT1 in-depth review

Inspire FT1 Effective Trainer


What do you want from a home training machine? The first thing is sustainability: it is an investment in itself, and you expect the investment to be sustainable. The Inspire FT1 (like the FT2) is solidly crafted, with a heavy steel frame matte in black and silver – which means it keeps away those ugly dings and scratches.

The latter is versatility, and here FT1 is really brilliant. Workouts are performed through the built-in cable system. Adjustable and flexible, they connect the entire length of the frame on both sides up and down, allowing you to make wide movements depending on the muscles you want to target.

This makes FT1 Home Gym a great platform for:

  • Leg workout: including lunges, squats, hamstring curls, and abductor exercises
  • Back workout: With lat cable pullover, lat pulldown and curved rows
  • Arm workout: Bicep curls (sitting and standing), with tricep pushdown and overhead extensions
  • Ab Workouts: Safe cables provide adequate flexibility and resistance for rotation and crunches
Inspire FT1 360 view animation

The FT1 comes with two weight stacks in each tower, each weighing 165 pounds. This is enough for some serious lifting, but you also have the option to upgrade the weight as needed, up to a total of 50 pounds extra on each side.

As you can see, there is more than enough for a full-body workout. To add value to FT1, however, Inspire also has a number of optional attachments so you can change it further. Comes with FT1:

  • Light and comfortable ankle cuffs
  • An exercise belt
  • A triceps rope attachment to the cable so you can incorporate more targeted, tricep-intensive exercises into your workout


Fully assembled and with optional benches, the Inspire’s FT1 will weigh more than 700 lbs. Subtracting from the bench, this is a more decent 540. It’s 83 inches long and 54 inches wide, so you’ll need enough space to set it up. Up, but nowhere near as much as the other trainers. The FT1, in fact, is quite high-powered and versatile, considering how compact it is. However, you can ask a second person at hand to help you with the assembly.

Unlike some home trainers, FT1’s towers come in one piece, which takes a lot of legwork out of the installation. The instructions are clearly mapped and diagrammed, and include most of the tools you need to get the job done, though you’ll want to keep your toolbox handy.

All together, and especially with the helping hand (equipment heavy, above all), you are seeing 2 to 3 hours of assembly time.


Inspire FT1 offers a full lifetime warranty on the frame and parts, which is quite incredible due to the premium quality of the trainer. The initial price tag may seem high, but a lifetime warranty means you can use this gym with confidence for years and even decades.


G&G Fitness Inspire FT1 Home Gym Video Overview:

Inspire FT1 Home Gym Manufacturer Video Overview:

What good? FT1 or FT2?

Inspire FT1 Home Gym is undoubtedly a best-in-class performance trainer at this price point. But what about its cousin, Inspire Fitness FT2? Is it worth the upgrade?

Inspire FT1Inspire FT1

Still can’t decide? Try it before you buy! Inspire FT1, FT2, and get the full feel of it

More home gymVisit or contact Your local G&G fitness equipment showroom.

Inspired FT2 Home Gym Detailed Overview

Inspire FT2 Effective Trainer


The Inspire FT2 is a premium model of Inspire Fitness, a fully loaded function trainer and strength-training platform. It is exceptionally durable, built to withstand heavy use year after year. Made with heavy-duty steel tubing, the FT2’s weight and dimensions actually surpass that of Inspire’s FT1 model. The FT2 is also heavy enough that it does not vibrate or sway at all during use.

With FT2, you’re looking at potential exercise resources. The FT2 is equipped with two adjustable metal weight stacks on either side, each weighing 160 pounds. With the locking pin on each stack you can easily change the weight you are using. You can also increase the weight of each stack, up to a total of 210 pounds each.

The cabling system is height adjustable, allowing you to practice full range of motion to get the most out of your investment. Here is an example of an exercise you can do with FT2:

  • Leg workout: Deadlift, Cuff Raise, Front Lounge, Squat and Hip Extensions
  • Back workout: Crossover Row, Lat Pulldown, Back Flies, Aerobic Row and Back Press
  • Arm workout: Bicep curls, pull-ups and tricep extensions
  • Ab Workouts: Ab crunches, Ab rotations, and twist crunches
Inspired FT2 Full 360 views

Inspire’s FT2 is equipped with a smith machine with an Olympic-level bar, which greatly adds to its versatility and long-term functionality. The bar attaches directly to the FT2’s weight stack with its pin-locking mechanism, so you can easily choose the right setting for you. The included safety catch helps make FT2 one of the safest home effective trainers for weight lifting.

The FT2 comes with a number of optional accessories, including:

  • A high-performance exercise belt that you can attach to the pulley system for support during workouts
  • A triceps rope
  • Rubber D handles that can be integrated into virtually any exercise using FT2’s pulley system


Don’t make any bones about it, the FT2 is a heavy, stone-solid device. The assembly will take a few hours, although the manuals and diagrams included in Inspire provide all the information you need to get the job done. You will also need some basic household tools, especially a screwdriver and ratchet. This is not really a single task, but once the installation is done, it is done for good.


If something happens to break up with your effective trainer, there is something more comfortable than knowing that you are completely safe. The Inspire FT2 comes with a lifetime warranty for residential use and a 10 year warranty for commercial applications. What exactly would you expect from a machine like this.


G&G Fitness Inspire FT2 Home Gym Video Overview:

Inspire FT2 Home Gym Manufacturer Video Overview:

Home Gym FT1 or FT2 Inspired?

Face Off: Inspire’s FT1 vs. FT2

Let’s face it – Inspire’s FT1 is a great machine. It is one of the best home-training systems on the market, especially at its price point. It’s not a budget model, and it’s not a machine that you buy and then let the dust collect: No, the FT1 is a serious exercise platform designed for those who want serious results. Its lifetime warranty will serve you well for many years.

But FT2 is everything and much more. It is heavier, bigger and more versatile. It offers a wide range of exercises, both default settings and upgrades with optional add-ons. FT2 offers many upgrades over FT1, especially since:

  • Smith machines included
  • Permanent cable crane system
  • Pull-up station
  • Security features

Simply put, FT2 is an animal. And this beast may be exactly what you want, but if you live in a small space you can find a more compact FT1 that fits you better.

Now, both FT1 and FT2 are upgradable. You can add bench and leg attachments to increase your workout range. But if you have FT1, you will not get FT2’s Smith Machine or Fixed Cable Puli System. Also you can’t upgrade to FT1 to include these later, which is to keep in mind.

In practice, fixed wires of FT2 increase its durability during weight lifting exercises. It helps your muscles during exercise and naturally boosts immunity – pulleys can actually feel heavier than the equivalent level of free weight.

FT2’s Smith machine

The FT2’s Smith machine is not like other Smith machines. As you probably know, the Smiths have a somewhat mixed reputation in the fitness world, with some arguing that they make lifting artificially easier. There may be something to it, but it’s not entirely relevant to FT2’s Smith machines.

Because the FT2 is easy to lift with the Smith machine, safe, far from easy and never artificial. The Inspire FT2’s Smith machine is fitted with a heavy weight multiplier, increasing Smith’s total weight resistance to 460 pounds. This is a very high metric, but since the minimum setting is only 20 pounds, there is plenty of room for improvement if you are new to lifting.

The FT2’s Smith machine is really the star of the show. It’s easy to use when you’re not using and easy to get out of the way. You can adjust the minimum height that Smith reaches during each repetition, so that the bar closes automatically if you can’t control it.

All this means you are not going to surpass FT2. Smith’s maximum weight is so high that you can work on it all your life and never maximize it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Still can’t decide? Try it before you buy! To get the full feel of Inspire FT1, FT2 and more at Home Gym, visit or contact your local G&G Fitness Equipment Showroom.

Bottom line

Although they are similar from the outside, FT1 and FT2 actually serve different purposes. If you are not interested in the extra power-training capabilities of the Smith machine included in the FT2, then the FT1 is a great choice. That said, you’ll be using these machines for years to come, and the FT2’s Smith machine is second to none in terms of usability and sheer power. Remember this when you decide which machine is best for you!

Still not sure what gym to buy for your home?

That’s where we come from! G & G’s fitness equipment experts are here to help you find a solution that works for your fitness goals, home and budget. We even offer funding. Call us for a free consultation or visit a G&G Fitness Equipment Showroom near you.

Callisthenics vs. Weight: What’s the Difference?

In the world of fitness, there is an almost endless flow of lingo and terminology when it comes to exercise. Fortunately, we’re here to help you end this madness by providing you with user-friendly guides and information on what all of these terms mean. Today we dive into the differences between two similar but different types of exercise: calisthenics vs. weight training. Both are forms of weight training, but the two are not identical. In fact, there is a difference in particular that divides the two. In addition to weight training keep reading to find out what sets Calisthenics workout.

What is calisthenic exercise?

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that uses Your own body weight Without the use of excess weight. Although you are only using your body weight, there are really other tools you can use that can help you use your weight in a unique way for a good workout. Typically, these tools are light, hand-held items such as rings or wands.

A calisthenic exercise includes not only body weight training but can also be a LISS workout. LISS training for beginners, or any fitness level, is another great way to exercise without using external weights. Benefits of LISS may include improving blood flow, reducing stress, and more.

What is weighted exercise?

Although a calisthenic is a body weight exercise, an overweight exercise uses excess weight, not just your own body weight, during your workout.

Why is weight gain useful? From a scientific point of view, when you put pressure on your muscles with more weight than they are accustomed to, they tear very little. While this may sound unnatural, it is actually how we build new muscle. When our muscles rupture, it forces our bodies to rebuild tissues. The more tissue we regenerate, the more we increase our overall muscle mass and strength.

So weighted exercise may require heavy weight training instead of body weight exercise.

The difference between calisthenics and weighted exercise

In general, calisthenic exercises require more movement than weighted exercise training. The main difference between the two is not necessarily even the actions, but the result you are looking for.

Muscle definition and weight loss

If your desired fitness goals are really defined muscle or weight loss, calisthenics are a more effective alternative. Needless to say, you can’t or won’t do both because being engaged in both types of exercise allows for a better fitness routine. However, calisthenics Willpower Helps you with fat loss and muscle tone more than weight lifting.

Calisthenic exercises involve more active movement than weight lifting, so more strength is required to perform calisthenic exercises. As a result, the body burns more calories and sheds more fat at the same time. If you’re looking for some examples of what Calisthenics is, here are two of our favorites.

Increasing muscle strength

If increasing muscle strength and exercise is a top priority for you, then you should hit weights – no question. Weight lifting is unique because you can have such precise control over where and how you build muscle strength. It streamlines the muscle building process and can help you get specific muscle results faster. So, for example, if you want to increase the tone and overall appearance of your muscles, you will be more inclined towards calisthenics and weight lifting using light weights. But if you are trying to gain or maintain greater muscle mass to increase your muscle strength and size, then heavy weights are for you.

Examples of calisthenics and weight exercises

Here are some examples of some of our favorite calisthenics and weight loss exercises:

Jump squats (calisthenics)

One type of calisthenic exercise is the jump squat. If you want to feel burned, here it is. While jump squats may not be your favorite go-to for fun, they really kick your body in high gear to help with toning. While some may choose to add extra weight, it is not necessary and can be done as a body weight exercise.

Start standing at a distance from your hips. Bend down in a squat position, and then push your foot into the ball, blasting upwards with a jump. Land back on the ground and repeat.

Push-ups (calisthenics)

Another type of calisthenics exercise is push-ups. Push-ups use your body weight to move your body and start tearing those micro muscles that build and tone your core and upper body muscles.

Align your legs and buttocks and start in a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders. With your body close to the ground, engage your core muscles as well as the elbows. Keeping your back body straight, stop when your elbow bends at a 90-degree angle, then push towards a high plank and repeat.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Weight Exercise)

A strength training exercise is a dumbbell shoulder press. This is a great workout for targeting a specific muscle group and flexible with resistance based on the dumbbell weight you choose.

Using two weighted dumbbells of your choice, hold them almost at ear level and climb up and down the ceiling repeatedly. This exercise strengthens your delta, triceps and snare.

Weighted squat (weight exercise)

If you want to strengthen and tone up your glutes then this is for you. While holding a weight across your shoulders along your upper back, grab a squatting position and then return to your original starting position. Make three sets of 5-10 repetitions.

A note about security: Weight-bearing exercise carries more risks, so it’s incredibly important that you know your limits and speed yourself up to avoid any injuries. If you are not sure where to start, start small with weights and gradually increase over time. One preventative measure that aids in weight training is wearing safety, such as a Brackets on the back To protect from back injuries.

However, whether you do heavy lifting or bodyweight training, it is important to warm up before each exercise. While warm-ups may seem necessary only for strength training and weightlifting, it is important for any workout that involves movement and muscle. The Advantage Warming up before a workout is important to get blood flow and restore muscle.

Use weight or do not use weight? (It’s up to you!)

Whether you are looking for muscle growth or toned muscles, you can use any one of these exercises for your benefit and fitness goals. We encourage you to take both calisthenics and weight training to see which one is best aligned with your fitness routine and exercise goals. Need a place to try calisthenics or weight exercises? Come on in Your nearest Chuze Fitness And gain access to high-level exercise equipment machines, weights, and workout areas.

5 Ways to Stay Active in Winter – G&G Fitness Equipment

Winter can cool even the toughest fitness enthusiasts.

Winter activities

During the summer, working out can be as simple and fun as going to the park or going hiking or a long bike ride for some volleyball. Cold and wet weather removes many options and brings all the extra challenges of an epidemic this season.

So how do you stay motivated and fit through the long winter slog?

Here are five ways to stay active in the winter:

1. Stay out

Winter doesn’t mean the fun outside and the end of the game. Cold-weather sports can be the main calorie burners. Stop hibernating on your sofa and plan to go:

  • Ice skating.
  • Cross-country skiing.
  • Downhill skiing.
  • Hiking through the snow.

Just stay safe! Bundle up and make sure to stay dry. Warming up is also important when your muscles are literally cold.

2. Be social

Studies have shown that working with a friend is good for your health at any age. It helps to increase both accountability and intensity.

Take a zoom workout class together! See if old choices are gone online, or try something new from the privacy of your own home This is your chance to experiment with yoga / dance / kickboxing / HIIT / crossfit – whatever the craze for fitness has piqued your interest.

There are also fitness apps that allow you to check in with friends, share your struggles or achievements, and support each other as you work toward your goals.

3. Be competitive

Sometimes, runners or cyclists take extra push from a friend or “enemy”. If this sounds like you, the designers behind the social fitness app Strava remember you.

Strava lets you “run” others – record your time on a given route and beat them against others who do the same workout at different times.

If you are not a racer but benefit from a little gamification, try Fitocracy. The app lets you raise levels, earn badges, and unlock new workouts.

You can push yourself by choosing milestones and reward yourself when you hit them. Before and after buying a new fitness toy can help inspire you.

4. Be creative

Variety is important, so change those workouts to keep both mind and body engaged.

There are funny stories you can do in training. Popular zombies, run! Zombie-apocalypse will turn your race around the city or treadmill session into a survival story. Other apps have followed its success and will present new stories to heal you.

Or try Bitzim. The app will turn any treadmill / elliptical / stationary bike into a trek across the most beautiful terrain in the world. To make it more realistic, add some inclination to your machine.

5. Be prepared

Set yourself up for success with inspirational strategies. Wear your work clothes immediately after work, turn up the heat for morning yoga, or pump your blood with the right song for your alarm.

Check back regularly for more fun ideas and tips so you can go all winter long. We’ve got gear and knowledgeable staff to help you meet your goals.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

LISS Training Facilities | Choose fitness

You’ve probably heard of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) training, but have you ever heard of LISS? LISS is a fitness acronym that stands for low-intensity steady state training. Basically, LISS is everything that is not HIIT.

While some may not enjoy HIIT workouts, they may find all the fun in LISS workouts. Low intensity steady state exercises offer the same benefits as high intensity. Let’s take a look at the benefits of low intensity exercise.

What is low-intensity steady state training?

LISS exercises always refer to low intensity and impact activity. The goal here is to maintain a heart rate of 50 to 65 percent of your maximum heart rate. It usually refers to gentle and sweet forms of exercise such as swimming, biking, walking, jogging or running.

LISS vs. HIIT workout?

The main differences between these two forms of exercise training are in the intensity level and the heart rate goals. Low-intensity steady state training is always related to exercise activities that have low levels of intensity, while the goal is to maintain a heart rate of about 50 to 65 percent of your maximum heart rate.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), on the other hand, is the complete opposite. In HIIT training, the desired result is to participate in a higher intensity activity that pushes your heart rate to a maximum of about 80 to 95 percent of your heart rate.

To learn more about the differences between LISS and HIIT, This article Takes a deep dive.

Why try LISS training?

Like any other type of exercise, it is important to focus on the exercise routine that will help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Some people may prefer high-intensity activities that really increase their heart rate, while others may choose exercises that involve less stress and intensity while maintaining a lower heart rate.

While HIIT training is great for those looking for fast calorie-burning exercises, LISS training is great for those who want to be active slowly without putting too much pressure on their body. LISS is an excellent form of exercise for those who recover from injury, want to prevent injury or who prefer a little slower and more gentle exercise. Great for improving blood flow and even occasionally reducing stress, a low intensity exercise is perfect for doing extra exercise without putting too much pressure.

LISS training can also be beneficial at any fitness level. Whether you are looking for LISS training for beginners or professionals, there are many LISS exercises, suitable for every routine.

LISS Exercise Training Facilities

We like LISS training because it is gentle but effective. This type of exercise is a special choice for those who want to reduce stress and increase their happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins.

Walking, for example, is a very popular form of LISS exercise where you can really notice all these benefits. Walking is an easy way to pump your blood, increase your endorphins and protect your heart health. Have you ever noticed after a walk that you actually feel Happy? That is LISS training in the workplace.

Here are some other benefits of low-intensity steady-state exercise that we like:

Everyone can do it

LISS is an excellent choice for any fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or a gym rat, this type of low-intensity training is beneficial for all people. There are plenty of options for LISS cardio exercises, so you can find the perfect one of your choice, from walking and swimming to body weight resistance training.

Low-intensity = fast recovery time

Low-intensity exercises usually have a lower risk of injury. This is good news for those who are currently recovering from injury or who want to reduce their risk of injury as much as possible. High Intensity Workout (HIIT), on the other hand, carries a higher risk of injury, so LISS makes it easier for your body to recover quickly from your workout.

Tolerance building

Low-intensity exercise helps build stamina, enabling you to engage more fully in daily activities. In addition, stamina builds a strong foundation that can help you train for more intense exercise down the road.

Fat loss

LISS exercise helps your body use the fat stores it already has for fuel and energy, which helps reduce fat. It can help you maintain a healthy weight and increase your overall muscle tone and mass.

As always, before starting any type of workout, be sure to warm up and stretch before hand. The benefits of warming up before a workout include promoting blood flow, encouraging faster muscle recovery, preventing injury, and more.

Get it!

So if the LISS workout looks like you’re exercising, consider adding it to your workout routine. Don’t be afraid to include body weight strength training, an intense cardio workout, and other exercises gradually to gradually increase your fitness level.

Whether you’re going for a walk, taking a casual swim or trying something a little more intense, we’re here for you. And remember, a good circular fitness routine is always a good thing so don’t be afraid to try both HIIT and LISS exercise training. If you need a place to try all these new types of exercises, stop Your local ChuzeWe look forward to seeing you soon!

Discover your workout routine today with Choose Fitness!