Principles of assessment, thoracic outlet syndrome, warm-up and 91mph

CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast – January 2023 Q&A: Evaluation principles, thoracic outlet syndrome, warm-ups and 91mph 13-year-olds

Posted on January 18, 2023 at 5:59 am by Eric Cressey

It’s time for another listener Q&A, so I covered four questions from our listeners on this week’s podcast on the following topics:

  1. “Big Rock” evaluation principle
  2. Why is thoracic outlet syndrome a diagnosis of exclusion?
  3. Key elements of a good warm-up
  4. Injury concerns in young pitchers with elite velocity

Special thanks to this event’s sponsor, Proteus Motion. They are changing the way athletes are evaluated and trained with their 3D resistance. the head www.ProteusMotion.coMr. Elite To know more about this cutting-edge technology.

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Proteus Motion There is a patented technology that allows us to measure force for the overwhelming majority of human movements. Proteus software guides users through a 4-minute physical assessment with unprecedented performance data and insights to trainers, creating a whole new standard for personalized fitness and physical rehabilitation. All of this is enabled by a complete reinvention of resistance training called 3D Resistance. Training strength and acceleration with Proteus’ patented 3D resistance can be safer, more efficient and more effective than traditional resistance training equipment in many cases. I have been a big fan of Proteus for the past few years. We have a unit at both Cressey Sports Performance facilities and actually helped develop the Cressey Power Test for rotational athletes. The information we gather from this test is an absolute game changer in helping us program more optimally for our athletes. Additionally, as a training initiative, work on the Proteus allowed us to train different points on the ball-velocity curve in a rotational pattern in a way that the medicine ball could not.

You can learn more about them by listening Episode 106 of the Elite Baseball Development Podcastor by title

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