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Spring is here, and it’s time to reevaluate your health and exercise routine (or just a start).

Why wait for the summer to roll around when you can start jumping into your fitness goals right now? Spring is the perfect transitional season to help you get rid of those winter blues and use spring well, with a sense of freshness and focus. Here are some of our favorite things about spring that are great not only for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional well-being!

Enjoy the sun.

Spring sunFor me, the worst part of winter is not the cold, or the three feet of snow falling out of my car (although it is on the list), but the lack of sunlight that not only gathers my inspiration to sneakers up and work out but also increases the feeling of depression. According to medical alerts, low levels of vitamin D can impair the functioning of our bones, immune system and even nerves and muscles. Long-term exposure to sunlight comes with the accumulation of daylight, which means you will experience a boost of vitamin D – and improve your overall well-being.

Enter the Great Outdoors.

With increased exposure to the sun comes the opportunity to simply go outside. You can choose your local gym, but you can’t deny that warm temperatures, blooming flowers and green grass all make for a beautiful, inspiring environment for running, hiking or walking – especially when your favorite trail or surroundings are obscured. Ice and snow have been kept all winter long. And I know I like to take a walk during my lunch break, which can be difficult in snowstorm situations, so I welcome spring for the opportunity to take a few steps away from my focus on the computer or phone screen.

Clean your nutrition in the spring.

Spring vegetables are healthy, rich in vitaminsSpring is the perfect time for fruit and vegetable lovers to find fresh, local, seasonal produce that is hard to come by in the colder months. And even if you’re still struggling to eat your vegetables, spring offers you many more simple additions to make your next meal or snack for your nutritional play. Mangoes, strawberries, radishes, peas, dandelions – the possibilities are endless. So grab your favorite tote bag and hit the local farmer’s market for a fun activity that’s great for your health (and your wallet)!

Get some fresh new workout clothes.

Fresh workout clothes for springOkay, that may sound like an exaggeration, but listen to me: who doesn’t feel more powerful wearing a great pair of leggings or a brand new sneaker at a workout? A 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, in fact, coined the term “encircled knowledge” to describe the measurable effects of one’s clothing on their psychological processes. So when you are cleaning your closet in the spring, take a list of what workout gear you have and toss something that doesn’t fit or make you feel good while wearing it. Go ahead, get those new Galaxy-printed sports bras or spin shoes that cost you a million bucks. Science says it’s a good idea.

Find your community.

Friends out on a sunny summer spring dayI remember being in college and the first few nice days of spring, when I thought the population on my campus had tripled. Planning and interacting with others is much more exciting when you don’t have to pull up to eight levels, and since we’ve all come out of our own hibernation dens, this is the perfect time to get together for a new workout class or to explore. A new park.

    Spring is known as a season of growth and renewal, so why not apply the same mentality to your workout and overall health goals?

    What do you like best about spring in terms of your well-being?

    Comment and let us know!

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