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2021 is approaching, and 2022 is just a few days away, now is usually the time when everyone starts thinking about the esteemed heritage of that time – New Year’s resolutions and goals.

Planning New Year's resolutions and exercising to lose weight and get fit

And if you’re something like the majority of the general population, chances are you’ve come down this road before. Almost everyone has the experience of picking a resolution and getting really excited about it – just to break it down completely in the spring (or worse, by) February)

Seeing so many people try it and fail, you may be tempted to think that a New Year’s resolution is just a huge waste of time and energy. But that is simply not true. The problem is not that people are setting New Year’s goals, it is Way The problem is that they are setting them up.

If you are serious about consolidating it in 2022, the following guide is for you. How we are breaking down Exactly Choose a goal, plan and execute.

Since most people reading this blog are probably interested in fitness related ambitions, we will use this as our outline. That said, this process can be applied Any The goal you choose.

Step # 1 – Choosing a New Year’s Fitness Goal

The first place to start, obviously, is the goal itself.

And at the end of the day, some are better than others. Deciding that you will somehow lose thirty pounds of fat and gain twenty pounds of muscle in the spring will not happen to most people.

Smart Weight Loss Health Workout Setting Realistic Fitness GoalsFirst things first – your goal must be realistic and possible. The example mentioned above where you have completely changed your body composition in three months is unrealistic. Generally speaking, in the case of weight loss, one to two pounds per week (three if you will) Too much Extra weight) which should be shooting for you.

To gain muscle, it tends to be like a slow vessel – once you’ve trained for a while and tapped into your “new” gains, you’re probably going to put on a few pounds each month (also remember losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time). Going Incredibly Difficult for most people).

Your goal must be measurable, bound by a specific time frame and attached to a specific action plan (all of which we will cover in detail).

Fortunately, with most fitness goals this is quite straightforward. Suppose you want to lose 20 pounds (a normal resolution). A deadline is important because, as you probably know, an open “I’m going to lose twenty pounds” almost never happens. You need to ensure regular tracking (in this case, using a scale and taking your measurements) to make sure you’re on the right track.

Let’s look at a performance goal, because the same principle applies. If you want a 200-pound bench for your One-Rip Max, look where you are now and set a deadline for yourself. From there, make sure you’re tracking everything (rip, set, rest, all good things).

Step # 2 – Setting a timeline for resolution

Let’s spend a little more time discussing all the important deadlines for your goals.

The trick is to find the right balance – set a deadline that is far in the future, and you will lose it. Set a deadline Very closeAnd you may end up overextending and burning yourself out.

Set a deadline for your fitness goals to achieve resultsFor most fitness related goals, a few months is usually a good time. If you have a fairly large goal (such as losing 50 pounds) then you probably want to split it into manageable, three or four month portions.

It’s also important to keep track of things regularly. In the case of weight loss, it means weighing and measuring yourself every few days, and staying as is That’s right As you can (weigh yourself first on an empty stomach all morning, for example).

Step # 3 – Action Plan for a Fitness Goal

Mostly Important Part of a goal – action plan.

Goals themselves are meaningless. A big reason most people fail at this is because they have a vision, but no plan. In other words, they have a goal that they want to reach, but they don’t think about the steps to get there.

Fitness goal action plan for the new year

And when you need to change and tweak most of your action plans as you move forward, you should create a basic road map.

Back to the weight loss example – instead of saying “I’ll lose 20 pounds by April 1st”, you should say something:

“By eating 2200 calories a day, doing 30 minutes of cardio three times a week, and eating at least 20 grams of protein with each meal, I will lose 20 pounds by April 1st.”

New Year's fitness goal action planIt may sound incredibly specific, but that’s the point. You want a detailed action plan, the steps that you take regularly. Doing so will not only get you on the right track, but it will also build a lasting habit. In fact, you might even get it More More specifically – “I’ll do the first 30 minute cardio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings so I don’t miss it”. This will make it harder to talk to yourself when it becomes difficult to do so.

Stick to your fitness plan

Workout schedule for New Year's fitness resolutionsThere is no question about it – sticking to any goal can be difficult in the long run. But by following these steps and being smart and strategic with your goal setting, you can go a long way in stacking up differences for you and making sure you start 2022 right.

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