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Great weapons available for summer

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to show off all the bodies we worked with during the epidemic. And if some of us spend the last few years perfecting our baking skills, that’s fine! Great weapons take just a little thought and effort.

Three general tips

  1. Consistency is the key to physical gain. A daily workout (and a day of rest and recovery) is much better than doing it all at once and taking the risk of injury.

  2. Many of the best hand exercises are also great for the whole body. In general, muscle growth will burn fat faster, help the body function and function, and – yes – make the arm look better.
  3. Variety is a great way to keep workouts fun and there are many exercises that can be done at home that will give the arms a great all round workout.

Tip: Think about movement

The arm is made with the upper arm, with the biceps — or biceps brachii Those of us who want to get technical – front and back with triceps, arms, wrists and hands. When exercising, we want to consider the entire posterior chain – the upper back, shoulders and lats – as well as the arms. With that in mind, think about the movement for an arm workout.

েনCentral movement (holding hands) will work our biceps. Like movement Pull up and chin up Undoubtedly the best upper body resistance exercises, the biceps and the back both work together. Bizarre movements (such as the classic triceps curl on) A home gym) Will work behind the arm. So one would dip a tricep against EglasUses body weight for prevention.

The back movement, like the rowing, will work the biceps and back (see below in the free weight section for a possible exercise). Exercises like push-ups, which can be used to improve the upper arms Push-up barThe whole arm will work, but will notice the triceps as well as the peak and chest area.

Tip: Don’t neglect triceps

Strengthening the triceps adds flexibility, increases the range of motion and reduces our chances of getting injured in general. And the big triceps, of course, also looks big on the arms. We like to make pushups more challenging while balancing our legs Stability ball Time to do them.

পTip: Work with TRX until the pull-up

This is a great way to move on to full chin-up and pull-up Resistance workout like TRX band. TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise.” TRX allows us to adjust the difficulty level of each exercise by leaning back or changing the position of the legs. Additionally, TRX exercises make it easier to be aware of position and posture, as this affects the difficulty of each exercise. The arm exercises we want to do with TRX include:

  • Tricep Curl: Fix the TRX in a high place on the door frame (for example). Keep the legs shoulder width apart, keep the back straight, and align the upper arms with the trunk. Pull down slowly and carefully, and then use equal care to release back to the starting position.

  • Bicep Carl: Fix the TRX to a lower position and toward the classic pull-up, bicep squeezing motion. Be sure to lower the TRX band as well with the controls.
  • Standing row: Stand upright with the TRX and carefully pull the wires back, feeling the back, biceps and deltoid (shoulder muscles) burn.
  • Wood sawing: It mostly targets the core and shoulders, but also includes the arms. Hook the TRX to about the original height and stand a few feet away. Pull the wires out and up as if waving an ax, holding the core tight, bending the knees as needed. Get back in control.

For all of the above, we prefer to start with a set of 8, then 10, then with a short break between 12 repetitions, before working further.

Tip: Use free weights to get great weapons

With A good set of weights The possibilities are virtually endless. Depending on the desired outcome, there are two ways to go:

  • More reps with lighter weight
  • Low reps with heavy weight

The first option is to give the arms a more toned, colorful look to the slow-twisting muscle fibers. The second will result in much larger muscles.

Broad-armed rows are a great way to work the arms (mostly biceps), upper back and shoulders simultaneously. Stand up, bend your knees slightly and lean forward. Row back and forth with a weight in each hand, with breaks and clenching between the shoulder blades at the top of the row. Slowly return to starting position (count to two in each path, up and down).

Free weights are also particularly good for a variety of bicep curls, including:

  • Hammer Curl: These work better for full biceps than regular curls. They also work on the arm. Hold the weight horizontally, not vertically. Seating will allow for greater control.
  • Inline Hammer Curl: Sit back a Eglas At a bend of 45 degrees, rather than steep. It really breaks the biceps and makes it pop!
  • Combo Move: Lift the weight horizontally (e.g., along, sit, keep the core tight). At the top of the elevator, twist the weights 90 degrees, take a break, and then return to a horizontal position when lowering.

For an easy way to work the triceps with free weights, hold a light weight at the back of the head (at least for starters), bend the elbows. Slowly raise and lower. Three sets of 10, alternately try the weapon and wait for the compliments to roll.

Tip: Be creative with free weights

A bunch Adjustable weight Great for mixing light and heavy weights. For variety, try these exercises:

  • Farmer’s walk: With a heavy weight in each hand – squat down and lift them up and use the legs and glue force to protect the back – walk the length of a hallway, turn and walk backwards. We suggest starting with four to six of these, then take it from there.
  • Goblet squat: Holding a heavy dumbbell with both hands in the form of a cup in the middle level of the chest while squatting while working the core and legs is a great way.

Tip: Don’t forget mobility

This is a good idea Yoga mat Easy, because in addition to keeping the joints flexible, yoga is a great way to strengthen the arm as well as the whole body. Postures like squats, quadrangular pushups and crows are especially beneficial and yoga helps us to stretch and strengthen our often neglected wrists, preventing injury.

We like to add Light weight To look like a Warrior Two – optional added small stalks above and below – to help strengthen the whole arm and joints. Even the lightest weight will soon start to feel too heavy to do it!

Tip: Try the free weights option

Barbells for those who still do not feel comfortable with dumbbells, Swiss barOr a Compound effective trainer Both can help to relax the muscles and give more stability.

Tip: Go to the old school

Use Kettlebell A great way to add variety and difficulty to the curls and other exercises listed above. Kettlebells (a 19th-century Russian workout tool that enjoys resuscitation) have the added difficulty of distributing their mass. We need to constantly re-calibrate their body as we find balance, it works more fully. We recommend starting with individual movements before working up to composite exercises Turkish Get Up.

OrTell the medicine Another classic tool to enjoy a return. We like simple exercises like standing against the wall, raising our hands over our heads and bouncing the medicine ball against the wall, catching and throwing. It will not take long to burn!

The Resistance band Another simple tool we love. We use these to practice as pool-apart: grab the band and hold the arms to the front. Separate these by clenching the back before returning to the center. Try to do ten before the rest.

Tip: Take care of cardio and arms at once

We want to do double duty using our cardio Rowing And Elliptical

These machines work smoothly arms and shoulders, also provide us Doctor-approved Cardio benefits such as better heart health, better joints, less stress and better sleep.

Armed and ready

Stronger, more flexible arms mean we can enjoy more summer, increase our fun time in the water, boxing, rock climbing, even believe it or not, walking (healthy walking, we use our arms to move us forward). .

But the strong arm just doesn’t allow us to be more powerful all-round athletes. They help us with our daily activities like shopping, keeping up with our kids and hugging our loved ones. Don’t forget proper rest and nutrition, but make sure there is plenty of time for summer to come to fruition – all it takes is one Home gym And some healthy sweat!

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